Hardisty Leaf Sports Bar

Hardisty Leaf is a sports bar and restaurant in Hardisty Alberta. The location is on the edge of town so there is easy access from the highway  The building is an old train station that was renovated into a Bar / Restaurant. They kept a piece of town history alive by repurposing a historic building.

They feature an abundance of  draft beer and cocktails. Their menu also features  a variety of food options for anytime of day. I think it is one of the best restaurants within a 100 mile radius of Hardisty.

This website was one of the second websites that I developed. I started with wireframes and a basic design and throughout the development process it evolved into what it is.

Some of the technologies incorporated within the website are google analytics, google maps, Twitter api, bootstrap 3, wow.js animated.css and a custom incorporated mailing list.

Client Hardisty Leaf Sports Pub

Website Hardistyleaf.ca

Completion 20160401

Category Websites